"You’re different. You don’t fit into a category. They can’t control you. They call it Divergent."

Divergent + Sass

can you send ur psd please?

yeeeah, just tell me your email(don’t worry, i will not publish)

anon the time you spent typing that whiny ask could've been time spent giffing the movie stop being such a baby lmaooo

lol do you heard, anon? go gif the movie! and it’s okay do the same scene than someone already did, it is just for FUN :)

greatpeckspectations replied to your post: anonymous said:Why are you gifing…

Yes because god forbid more than one blogger gif a scene

hahahahaha omg right? i gif one thing and no one can gif anymore, wtf? 

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hi bb so i tried the psd you're using but it doesnt look as good on oth as yours does any idea what im doing wrong?

hiii honey :)
so, my oth psd is a bit different from the original, i can send to you if you want!

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Why are you gifing literally everything from Divergent? Your making it so much harder for other people to gif it as well. Stop being so damn selfish and think of others for once.

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This girl would never want to be tucked safely in the middle of the pack, never.