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infinity-in-the-numbered-days asked: Caleb is not a coward, not truly. He got wrapped up with eruide for all the wrong reasons for craving knowlege while being ashamed of it.

i respect what you think about him, but for me he is.. when i finished insurgent i was hoping he was the person who helped peter save tris, but no, he didn’t anything to help her
he just don’t deserve the family he had

barracko-barner asked: If you don't already hate Caleb from the books, something is wrong with you. He is a terrible person. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I just hate him with a passion.

i do hate him, he’s a coward!!
but ANSEL is a cutie, so is hard to hate him while i’m watching ansel playing him..

"Why is this happening? I don’t understand."

“Remember during training, when I did this?” I say, and I reach around her to press my hand to her stomach. She sucks in a breath. “I’m not likely to forget that anytime soon.”

The DVD Release, what can you guys tell us about that? Any extra scenes we’re gonna see? Anything you’re excited for the fans to see?

Four and Tris sassing Eric

Jordan Parrish in “Orphaned”

Theo James and Shailene Woodley by Michael Muller (Entertainment Weekly)